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" 3D Level Measurement Technical " Seminar article

Technical Seminar: Pioneering 3D True Volume Measurement of Solid Materials in Silos and Open Bins for high efficiency inventory of production and logistic control.

IMI Process Instruments Co., Ltd. conducted the technical seminar in the title of “Pioneering 3D True Volume Measurement of solid materials in silos and open bins for high efficiency inventory of production and logistic control” under the brand “APM” on 19 February 2013 at Sir James Resort Saraburi and on 21 February 2013 at Dusit Princess Hotel Korat.
This seminar focus on the unique system measures practically any kind of solid material, and effectively provides accurate volume measurements critical for inventory and production process control in many industrial; Food and beverage, Energy, Cement, Plastic, Mining, Metal, and Chemical industries.
The topics on the agenda include:
-        3D volume measurement device measures practically and kind of material stored in a great variety of containers, including silos, large open bins, bulk solid storage rooms, stockpiles and warehouses.
-        The success story of operation system in Cement, Rice Mill and Sugar Industry in America and Europe.
-        Product demonstrations include hardware and software.



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