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CUBOGAS™ 2B DB / HT article


CUBOGAS™ solutions feature groundbreaking technology for superior performance in addition to low maintenance and operational costs. The result is a highly durable, extremely efficient machine that is easy to install and maintain. A compact design along with low noise levels make it ideal for urban sites. In addition, CUBOGAS™ units feature an internal blow-down system that helps reduce environmental impact.

• Vertical heavy duty, non-lubricated compressor
• PED, ATEX & CE Certified

  • Conservative Rotational Speed (1000 rpm max): safer and smoother operations. Higher reliability of components whose life depends on cycles. Lower maintenance costs
  • Maximum two cylinders for any application
  • Long piston stroke & Liquid cooled cylinders assure long life of sealing elements through an effective cooling of cylinder
  • Equipped with crossheads: higher reliability and less wear
  • Non-lubricated cylinders: negligible presence of oil in the gas (no storage banks pollution from oil, no volume reduction of vehicles tanks), minimum lube oil expenses
  • Forced lubrication and sleeve bearings for crankshaft & connecting rod
  • Optimum balance thanks to the counter balance shafts on the frame
  • Safety operation: no pressurized crankcase


  • Available in both versions with canopy and without soundproof canopy
  • High quality components designed for max service station uptime
  • Designed to enable shipment in standard containers and normal trucks
  • 2B compressor 2, 3 or 4 stages
  • Electric motor driven V-belts coupled
  • Air-cooling for gas and oil compressor frame
  • Suitable for CNG applications up to 250 kW
  • Integrated power-control panel with touch screen
With its modular design CUBOGAS™ is available in a range of models and a range of optional features to ensure the best configuration for your site
  • "P" series without canopy
  • "S" series with soundproof canopy
  • Low ambient temperatures kit (up to -40C)
  • Up to three pressure banks priority panel
  • Gas extra cooling (chiller system)
  • Air actuated valves
  • Gas actuated valves
  • Soft start system
  • Inverter system
  • SMS remote monitoring kit
  • Integrated blow down system
  • Integrated storage module up to 1440 liters
  • Inlet pressure range: 4-1450 PSIG
  • Capacity range 200-4500 Sm3/h



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