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Tailor-Made Solutions article

Tailor-Made Solutions

Thanks to top-notch reliability, durability and safety, the ultrafiltration technology developed by inge GmbH offers everything you need to achieve optimum cost-effectiveness in your water treatment facilities. The core component of the technology developed by inge is the patented Multibore® membrane. The Multibore® membrane is an essential element of the modules produced by inge that are primarily designed for industrial and municipal water treatment projects. In addition, inge also develops and implements customised solutions in collaboration with individual customers. In these tailor-made projects, inge identifies practical approaches that closely match the customer's needs and technological requirements. inge is also pleased to participate as a development partner in innovative new water treatment projects.

A key focus of our business comprises small, tailor-made modules that are primarily used for applications at the so-called point of use or point of entry.
These are smaller, standardised water treatment devices of the kind that can be used in homes, restaurants or hotels.

inge GmbH views customer-specific projects as long-term partnerships involving an intensive transfer of knowledge and expertise. We therefore ensure that the modules are developed, tested and optimised in close collaboration with the client. This is a process that could take months; after all, we are dealing with a valuable and sensitive commodity, namely clean, pure and healthy water!


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