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Reverse Osmosis PRO AP Series article

The PRO Series platform offers quality standalone components in addition to complete integrated systems. This versatile range is perfect for the following applications:

  • Boiler feedwater, 35-1500 gpm (8 to 341 m3/h)
  • Demineralizer pretreatment or replacement
  • Feedwaters with conductivity > 300 μS
  • General industrial and mid-market applications
  • Any sites requiring complete system control with remote on/off capability
Why the PRO?
  • Higher recovery and lower scaling with 3-stage array design
  • Reliability due to stress-tested frame design
  • Tight and expansive control integration via the following parameters:
    • Start/Stop control of RO feed pump
    • Pretreat lockout
    • On/Off control of anticipant and bisulfite
    • P.I.D. control of acid (maintain pH set point)
    • RO Start/Stop via remote signal
    • RO Start/Stop via tank level signal
    • Start/Stop control of permeate transfer pump (tank level)
    • CIP control

The GE Advantages
• Quick delivery
• 100% Complete documentation
• Pre-engineered
• Configurable options
• Worldwide manufacturing on four major continents
Reliable Performance
• Largest provider of membranes and membrane systems in the world
• World-class designs
• Thousands of BW/SW RO installations
One Source
• Systems integration
• Vertical technology integration
• Trusted performance
• Technical expertise
A PRO platform that meets your needs
The PRO platform is a range of pre-engineered RO machines and supporting components like multi-media filters, carbon filters, water softeners, chemical feed systems, tanks, and pumps for the building blocks of a full-scale configurable water system. With decades of engineering and manufacturing experience worldwide, GE offers superior standardization and optimization of RO system design.
Our PRO machines are manufactured globally with components and design features to address and facilitate specific certification, operational and maintenance needs of the region—enabling you to obtain a robust, state of the art water system running at your facility in the shortest amount of time.


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