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Multi-Scanner System MVL article

Multi-Scanner System MVL

The APM Multi-Scanner System is comprised of two or more 3DLevelScanners Model MVL, extending APM's innovative volume and level measurement technology to cover very wide silos, domes, and other very large open bins, bulk storage rooms, stockpiles and warehouses.


This unique system measures practically any kind of solid material, and effectively provides accurate volume measurements critical for inventory and production process control in many industrial applications, including:

• Coal bunkers in power plants

• Large domes of raw sugar

• Large silos of corn for ethanol manufacturing

• Large clinker silos and very large cement silos in cement manufacturing plants

• Large silos of Soy beans for seed oil production

• Animal feed stored in large open bins and warehouses

• Wide warehouses and open bins storing fertilizers such as phosphates, potassium and others

• Wide stockpiles of lime stones, copper ore, iron ore and other ores

• Large domes of fertilizers in ports

• Wide open bins storing salt

• Very large silos of grains


The Model MVL visualization feature provides early warning of build-up loads and bridges that randomly form over time enabling immediate response to maintenance problems.

Each System is supllied with APM 3DVisionTM software for Windows-based computers The software processes measurement data recorded by APM’s MultiScanner System sensors installed on the silo / open bin / warehouse. 
A special algorithm combines the data from the scanners of the System, presents vessel general information as well as measurement data such as:
• volume
• min/max level/distance
• mass (with a given density)
It also generates a 3D representation of actual allocation of product within the silo or bin or warehouse for display on remote computer screens.


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