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Excitation Control article


The EX2100e excitation control is GE Energy’s advanced platform for generator excitation systems. EX2100e builds on the EX2100 experience of over 2000 units in gas, steam, and hydro applications for new units and upgrades, in addition to GE’s 40 years of experience with over 6,000 excitation systems in 70 countries. As a member of the MarkTM VIe controls family of turbine, generator, and plant controls, it uses a common controller and ControlSTTM software suite as other Mark VIe-based controls, to simplify plant operations and maintenance.


GE ex2100
  • Power converter design is based on proven technology.
  • Redundant control and protection increases equipment availability.
  • ControlSTTM software suite simplifies operation and maintenance with a common software toolset and   common time-coherent data set.
  • Common networks and communications with turbine controls simplify operations and reduced life cycle cost.
  • Embedded sequence of events monitor - precise diagnostics with reduced mean time to repair.
  • Power system stabilizer improves grid stability.


EX2100e is the latest control, protection, and monitoring excitation system for gas, steam and hydro turbine applications. The generator excitation control's flexible architecture, modern network, and versatile software suite simplify operations and integration with unit and plant-level controls.

  • Gas Turbine-Generator Control -The EX2100e is applied on heavy duty and aeroderivative gas turbines as potential source static exciters and brushless regulators in various redundancy configurations.
  • Steam Turbine-Generator Control - The EX2100e is applied on small, medium, and large steam turbines as potential source static exciters and brushless regulators in various redundancy configurations.
  • Retrofit Applications - Upgrades are available for legacy excitation systems for gas, steam, and hydro installations including ALTERREXTM, GENERREXTM, EX2000, SCT-PPT, brushless regulators, digital front-ends, and other retrofits applications on both GE and Non-GE turbine generators.



  • High performance control and protection system
    • Maximize the unit operational flexibility
    • Comprehensive protection of the generating asset
    • Maintain unit stability
  • Software tools designed to support new regulatory requirements
    • Configurable test routines
    • Data collection and analysistools facilitate reporting
  • High performance control and protection system
    • Patented field ground detection
    • Shaft voltage suppression
    • Advance diagnostics features


  • Redundancy options to fit application and budget demands
    • Controls, power converters, networks, fans
  • Wide range of configurations for mixed generator fleets
    • Gas, steam, hydro and nuclear generators
    • Rotating AC or DC, brushless, static, compound, etc.
    • GE and non-GE
  • Powerful software application layer for unit configurability
  • Bottom and top entry for control and power cabling to simplify installation


  • 4th Generation of GE digital excitation system utilizing proven control and protection algorithms
  • Available Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) controls maximizes system reliability
    • 2 out of 3 voting of critical IO and functions
  • Advanced diagnostic/trending software tools
  • Hardware designed and tested to OEM standards
    • Accelerated life testing (HALT)
    • EMI/RFI tested
    • Independent agency certified
      (UL, CE, CSA)


  • ToolboxST configuration and diagnostic tools
    • User friendly graphics, screen navigation, alarm/event management, and advanced features
    • Visualizes system logic, operating parameters and performance in real time
  • On-line repair of redundant processors and fans (optional)
  • Operationalize generator data via wide range of system interface and communication options
  • Built-in generator simulator for operator and staff training


  • A simplified control architecture
    • Reduced board count
    • Reduced panel wiring
    • Ethernet backbone
  • Shared technology with high volume turbine and plant controls for better long term support
  • More modular design to improve life cycle management
    • Easier updates and upgrades
    • Reduced obsolescence risk
  • Powerful troubleshooting tools
  • World class parts and service support


Static, potential source

up to 8,000 Amps

Static, compound source

up to 2,300 Amps

ALTERREXTM regulator

up to 465 Amps

Brushless, dc rotating, and permanent magnet generator (PMG) exciter regulators

up to 465 amps

Brushless IGBT-based exciter regulator

up to 35 Amps

DC rotating IGBT-based exciter regulator

up to 35Amps



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