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Turbine Control System article

Mark VIe Control Platform

The Mark VIe control system is a flexible platform for multiple applications. It features high-speed, networked I/O for simplex, dual, and triple redundant systems. Industry-standard Ethernet communications are used for I/O, controllers, and supervisory interface to operator and maintenance stations, and third-party systems. A common ControlST* software suite is used with the Mark VIe controls and related systems for programming, configuration, trending, and analyzing diagnostics. It provides a single source of quality, time-coherent data at the controller and plant level for effectively managing equipment assets.

GE Energy’s Mark VIe control is being applied to a wide range of applications. Its flexible architecture enables optimal solutions for Wind, Hydro, Thermal, and Nuclear facilities. The Mark VIe Integrated Control System (ICS) extends this flexibility from the traditional unit controls supplied by GE Energy, to complete plant solutions delivering advanced performance, operability, and availability to customers.



Mark VIe Control Platform


The Mark VIe control was introduced in 2004 for use on gas and steam turbines as a turbine control system for generator and mechanical drives and plant control. It is a complementary control to the Mark VI with enhancements for distributed I/O and dual redundancy. Like the Mark VI, it has a wide application range from small governors to plant DCS applications.


  • Heavy Duty Gas Turbine Control Retrofits
  • Aeroderivative Engine Control Retrofits
  • Industrial Steam Turbine Control Retrofits
  • Utility Steam Turbine Control Retrofits
  • Mark VIe DCS Control Solutions
  • Hydro Control

 Mark VIeS Safety TC

The Mark VIeS Safety control system is available for safety-critical applications conforming to IEC-61508. It also uses the ControlST software suite to simplify maintenance but retains a unique set of certified hardware and software blocks.



 Mk VIe SIL capable

Mark* VIe for Gas Turbines with SIL Capable Protection

GE Energy's Mark VIe Turbine Control System with SIL capable protection is designed for peace of mind, meeting the functional safety requirements of IEC 61508 and 61511. It integrates the SIL certified robustness of the Mark VIeS platform with the proven control technology of the Mark VIe for gas turbines to provide reliable protection while minimizing the cost of installation and operation.


Mark VIe Control Platform




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