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T-Rack® 3.0 – innovative ultrafiltration solutions article


T-Rack® 3.0 – innovative ultrafiltration solutions
inge® has launched the third generation of its ultrafiltration racks and by this heralds a new era of ultrafiltration technology. The T-Rack® 3.0 is designed for the specific requirements of larger facilities, for example as a pretreatment stage for seawater desalination or wastewater reuse. Features are e.g. an optimum corrosion resistance and high pressure operability, especially at high temperatures, which open up an even wider range of potential applications. An innovative, ultra-compact design in which the header pipes are integrated in the module end caps and welded to the modules, offers a further 15 percent reduction in footprint size compared to previous models. In addition the membrane surface area of each T-Rack® 3.0 module has been increased to 70 m2 and thus the new rack design offers more capacity than ever. The developers have made the rack system extremely flexible by basing it on standardized components, enabling customers to tailor the ultrafiltration system to their individual requirements and easily expand the T-Rack® 3.0 system as their needs change.
T-Rack 3.0


  • Suitable for direct feed – high pressure operability
  • Optimized for seawater – high corrosion resistance
  • Small footprint – high treatment capacity
  • Plug-and-play installation – less maintenance required
  • Easy to add more modules – great flexibility






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