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Bridgit conferencing software article


Now you can collaborate face-to-face with more people in more places with Bridgit® conferencing software. The latest version supports up to nine webcam video streams, making it easy to hold meetings that are visually engaging, dynamic and interactive. Meeting participants anywhere can work together as if they are in the same room. 



options Access features and tools with a click of a button – you can invite participants, share your desktop and select the pen tool.


Webcam support

View high-quality video streams from up to nine locations simultaneously.

bridgit callout

Intuitive toolbar

Access audio and video controls, participant lists and presentation tools.

Write over shared desktops

Participants can share their desktops and write notes on shared content.

Chat function

Communicate with participants through integrated text messaging, without disturbing other participants.



 Want to contribute from your iPad?

Download the Bridgit for iPad app to participate in meetings using your iPad. The app supports iOS6.1.2. First generation iPads are also supported with iOS5.1.1

  • Interact with content presented on an interactive  display
  • Fully participate in the meeting remotely by using the 'raise your hand' feature to ask questions
  • Multitask on your iPad while remaining in the Bridgit meeting
Knock to join a meeting

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One-touch desktop sharing Share your computer desktop or SMART Board interactive whiteboard or flat panel with a single touch. Participants instantly see anything you are showing on your interactive whiteboard, interactive flat panel or computer desktop. You can share vital information with participants, such as spreadsheets, presentations or websites. You can also easily share alternate desktops with little disruption and make notes on all shared content.
Simple connection Conference with anyone, anytime, anywhere – as long as you have an Internet connection. Participants can join meetings through a simple, automatically generated e-mail invitation.
Auto-join capabilities Join your scheduled Bridgit meeting automatically when you use SMART Meeting Pro software with Microsoft Exchange integration. The auto-join capabilities ensure your conferencing session begins on time. There's no need to manually connect the room to the scheduled meeting.
Intuitive toolbar Quickly and easily access video and audio controls, participant lists and tools to direct attention to important information.
Integration with the SMART Board interactive whiteboard Write directly into an open file in SMART Meeting Pro software when you use Bridgit software with a SMART Board interactive whiteboard (optional).
Write over desktops Highlight information by writing notes over a shared desktop. More than one participant can write at the same time.
Remote control Take control of another participant's desktop to demonstrate a solution or provide technical assistance.
Control shared information Focus on the most important information by controlling what participants can see, using the software's enhanced region-sharing capabilities. Ideal when meetings include participants using their own computers, you can show others everything on your desktop or restrict what is shared.
Reduce meeting distractions Ensure that participants can stay focused on the meeting. Unexpected participants can discreetly "knock" to join a meeting without a password. And the raise hand feature lets participants subtly notify the presenter that they have questions without disrupting the flow of the meeting.
Presentation tools

Direct attendees' attention to important points with the software's pointer tool. It enables a presenter to put focus on a specific screen area.

Support for multitouch Write, draw and interact with files at the same time as another person on a multitouch SMART Board 800 series interactive whiteboard or 8000 series interactive flat panel, and both remote and local attendees can see the inputs from both people on their screens.
Share multiple screens Use multiple interactive whiteboards or flat panels in your collaboration sessions, and remote users can see your multiple shared screens simultaneously.
Built-in VoIP Hear all participants in the conference without purchasing an additional audio conference bridge or incurring long-distance charges. Bridgit software works with your existing microphone headset or conference room microphone.
Intelligent resizing View content in your screen's resolution, rather than the resolution of the presenter's display. You can resize your viewer screens and video windows to suit your resolution or the size in which you'd like to view the content.
Webcam support View video streams from up to nine locations simultaneously. The video quality has been improved through a frame rate that is twice as fast and a pixel count that is 4 times greater than in the previous version of the software.
Firewall compatibility Avoid issues with firewalls. The software is designed to work with corporate firewalls, making it simple to set up a conference because no special configurations are required.
Secure and reliable environment Protect information with meeting password options and SSL data encryption, the same security used by online banking systems.
Support for LAN and WAN installations Use Bridgit software with private local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) installations. The software also supports public deployment scenarios that leverage a fully qualified domain name via the Internet.
Integrated with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook Use the software's SMART Scheduler option to create meetings using Microsoft Outlook. Meetings are automatically deployed on specified Bridgit server software.
Language support The software supports 21 languages, which you can easily switch between using the interface
SMART software maintenance SMART software maintenance gives you access to the latest features, updates, patch releases and technical support, so you can be confident your teams are reaching their full collaboration potential.
Intuitive controls Easily control video and audio settings, resize video windows and select tiled or filmstrip layouts for viewing.
New support for server virtualization The software is easy to install on a virtualized server running v Sphere 4.1.
Client system requirements                                       Server requirements
Windows XP SP3 or Windows 7 operating system
  • 2.0 GHz processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Broadband Internet connection
  • 2.0 GHz or faster processor
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • Windows Server 2003 R2 or 2008 R2 operating system
  • 100 Mbps network interface card (NIC) that supports the TCP/IP protocol
Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7 operating system
  • 2.0 GHz Intel processor
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • Broadband Internet connection

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