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Heat Exchangers Specialist (S) Pte. Ltd. (HES) was setup by a group of experience heat exchangers technical specialist and designer to provide engineering design & fabrication of heat exchangers, heat transfer equipment, pressure vessel as well as process piping and process skid system packages.

Air Fin Cooler / Heaterarticle

HES also provide design & fabrication for air fin exchanger example GAS cooler or GAS heater using Stainless steel finned tube, Aluminium finned tube and Copper finned tube.

Plate Type Heat Exchangersarticle

Plate type exchanges are particularly use when the flow rate is relatively small and the temperature different are small which require huge surface area and high efficiency for heat transfer. It gives a compact design and small size compared to Shell & tube type.

Pressure Vessel Design & Fabricationarticle

HES design of pressure vessel strictly in accordance to ASME VIII DIV.1 Code standard with mechanical strength calculation and guarantee. HES experience design engineer are able to provide you with precise calculations and cost saving solutions.

Sulzer Static Mixer / Sulzer Mixer Reactor (SMR)article

Sulzer Static Mixer / Sulzer Mixer Reactor (SMR)

Process Skid Packagesarticle

Heat Exchangers Specialist are committed to provide continuous improvement on its value added products and combination of the heat exchanger fabrication experience and designing skill for the skid.

Repair and Re-tubing of Heat Exchangersarticle

Repair and Re-tubing of Heat Exchangers

Superheater Vessel Design & Fabricationarticle

HES are experience in providing Pressure vessel and heater vessel in High temperature service with electrical heater element in Incoloy 800H, Heater vessel in A312 TP316H, TP304H, Alloy 800H, and other material which could withstand in high temperature.

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