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Forney® has maintained its position as a leader in power plant and large industrial systems for more than 85 years by designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing the most innovative lines of combustion equipment.

Forney’s full line of combustion products includes igniters, flame detectors, Burner Management Systems (BMS), burners and duct burners.

With field offices and sales representatives around the world, Forney can serve customers with local product and application support.


DURAFire® Oil Igniterarticle

The Forney DURAFire® is the only oil igniter on the market to incorporate a highly stable and reliable “protected primary combustion zone”. Capacities range from 5 to 30 mmBtu/hr for use in wall burners.

MaxFire® Gas Igniterarticle

The Forney MAXFire® gas igniter provides stable and reliable operation in a size and capacity range from 2" OD, 1 mmBtu/hr to 5" OD 50 mmBtu/hr for use in wall burners.

High Energy Spark Igniter (HESI)article

The HESI Series 90 is a Class 3 igniter used for direct spark ignition of oil or gas igniters, small burners or combustion turbines.  When used in conjunction with Forney igniters, a nine out of ten starting reliability can be guaranteed.  


Flame Detectors article

The Forney® IDD Detector Series features a separate infrared (IDD) or ultraviolet (UV-4) detector head which connects to a remote amplifier with advanced signal processing capabilities.

Digital Profile Detector (DPD)article

The DPD is a self contained detector that features self tuning capabilities. It is available in both a solid state IR or UV sensor configuration.

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