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The best pressure selection for your application 

With over 50 years of expertise, and 10 million pressure devices installed worldwide, comes unmatched reliability and improved capabilities that help you to increase plant productivity and lower your total cost of ownership. Rosemount pressure measurement products provide the broadest offering available to meet virtually every application need.


Rosemount 3051 Pressure Transmittersarticle

Rosemount 3051

Pressure, Flow and Level Solutions — Unsurpassed Offering to Meet All Your Application Needs 

 Integrated Wireless

Quickly deploy new monitoring points to access remote and hard to reach locations that were previously untapped by using the Rosemount 3051 Wireless Pressure Products.  We offer a full suite of protocols including: 4–20mA HART (Revision 5 and 7), WirelessHART, FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus, and Profibus PA with the latest DD or DTM so you can have  seamless integration with any host.

Rosemount 3144P Temperature. Transmitterarticle

Rosemount 3144P Temperature Transmitter

 High-Performance Temperature Transmitter Provides the Ultimate Solution for your Temperature Measurement Applications

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