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Ashcroft® transducers/transmitters, pressure and temperature switches, thermometers, test equipment, and extensive variety of pressure gauges are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities. Industrial and commercial pressure gauges in sizes from less than 1” to 12” in pressure ranges up to 100,000 psi.

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Test Gauges article

Especially built for precision readings, Ashcroft offers mechanical and digital test gauges. Also available is a stainless steel pocket test gauge whose small 3'' size does not diminish it's accuracy, stability or socket thread life. A cushioned nylon fabric pouch is also included with this pocket-sized product to protect it while in transport.


Process Gaugesarticle

Included in the process category are the Duragauge® line of pressure gauges. All Duragauge® gauges feature the patented PLUS!™ Performance and patented Duratube™ with as-welded-tube construction that controls stress for longer gauge life. Additional features include burn resistant cases, solid front case design, and Teflon coated stainless steel rotary-geared movement for longer life.

Industrial Gaugesarticle

For industrial use, Ashcroft provides general service, duplex, and low pressure gauges. Boasting high levels of accuracy and PLUS!™ Performance, products in this category can be used in a variety of situations. This product line is made for a wide variety of uses and has a high level of reliability.

Differential Gauges article

Available in a wide array of ranges, mounts, and materials, Ashcroft's differential gauges are the right choice for your industrial application. Ashcroft's DP gauge makes it easy to see pressure differential from two separate inputs displayed on one gauge. Differential pressure gauges also come in many different dial sizes from 2'' to 6'' for easier reading. 

Stainless Steel Case Gaugesarticle

Designed for accuracy and durability, the stainless steel category offers the Ashcroft Duralife® gauge which is designed for safety and longer life. Other features of Ashcroft stainless steel gauges are TrueZero™, PLUS!™ Performance and PowerFlex™, to ensure reliable results.

Digital Pressure Gauges article


Bimetal Thermometersarticle

Ashcroft’s bimetal thermometers come in four different series that are all designed for outstanding precision. All Ashcroft® industrial bimetal thermometers come standard with the Maxivision® dial which eliminates parallax by placing the pointer on the same plane as the graduations. The CI series of Ashcroft® industrial bimetal thermometers is designed for applications where external adjustment or pointer reset are not desired. This series is tamper proof and is available with rear and lower connections. The EI series has an external adjustment in the rear of the case. The EL series is liquid filled and is available in 3" rear, 5" rear and 5" Everyangle™ connections. The FT series of Ashcroft® industrial bimetal thermometers is available in ranges from -80°F to 550°F. All of Ashcroft’s industrial bimetal thermometers have ±1% full-span accuracy and are hermetically sealed.

Gas-Actuated Thermometers article

With exclusive movement less design to resist shock and vibration, and no gears to wear or misalign, Ashcroft’s Duratemp® thermometer provides increased instrument life. The six different series of gas-actuated thermometers have ±1% of accuracy span and come in available ranges from -320°F to 1200°F. Different mounting options: surface, finish, flush and direct mounted, meet a variety of applications.  The sizes available for the Duratemp® thermometers range from 4.5” to 8.5” and all come with gas-operated molecular sieve technology.

Digital Thermometersarticle

The Ashcroft® 2400E and 2401E digital thermometers are compact, solid state temperature measurement and display devices. The 2400E measures temperature with a laser-trimmed 2000 ohm RTD contained in a stainless steel probe. The unit is powered by 6 Vdc, which is delivered through a power supply that operates on 110 Vac. The power supply for the digital thermometers is UL recognized and the complete unit is NSF approved for class C-2 applications. The digital thermometers come in ranges from -40°F to 199°F.


Ashcroft’s thermowells are made of brass, carbon steel, 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel. The process connection is available in different sizes ranging from 0.5” to 2” and the bore size varies on which type of thermowell is selected; either .260, .385 or both.

Pressure Switchesarticle


Temperature Switchesarticle


Differential Pressure Switchesarticle


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