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For process control and flue gas monitoring, industrial facilities require equipment able to operate 24 hour a day in harsh environmental conditions. Reliability and low maintenance are key objectives when selecting the gas and particulate continuous analysers to suit your application.


ENVIRONNEMENT S.A designs and produces a complete range of state of the art analyzers, sampling systems, data acquisition and software’s for the measurement and reporting of regulatory pollutants such as: HCI, SO2, NO, NO2, NOx, N2O, CO, CO2, CH4, THC, NmHC, NH3, HF, H2S, TRS, O2, H2O, Temperature, Flow, Pressure, Particulates, Mercury, Furans, Dioxins…:


Multigas stationary monitoring systemsarticle

Multigas stationary monitoring systems

Dilution based stationary monitoring systemsarticle

Dilution based stationary monitoring systems

Long term dioxin and furan sampling systemarticle

Long term dioxin and furan sampling system

Particulate monitorsarticle

Particulate monitors

Portable or transportable monitoring systemsarticle

Portable or transportable monitoring systems

Stack flow meterarticle

Stack flow meter

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