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Distributed Control System article
OC6000e Turbine Control  

In today’s competitive production environment, process industries demand a totally integrated control and optimization solution that can increase productivity, reliability, and quality while minimizing cost. These customers are driven to search for solutions to improve their competitive edge and to enhance their return on investment.

GE Energy’s OC 6000e* Distributed Control System is designed to meet these customers’ needs. The system and its advanced solutions deliver operating efficiency improvement, productivity gain, unit reliability and availability

Enhancement, and overall cost reduction. Its distributed architecture reduces impact from loss of system components and ensures production continuity.

The component and network redundancy guarantees the operability of critical system and control functions.

The OC 6000e DCS ensures operation safety and effectiveness. Seamless integration of its advanced control and optimization solutions further improves unit efficiency, reduces forced and unplanned outages, extends the maintenance cycle, increases unit reliability and availability, and minimizes operation cost


OC6000e Turbine Control


Specifications :


Operating Temperature -30°C to 65°C
Humidity 10%-90% non-condensing
  • Overall System: 5 Hz–200 Hz with an accelerating speed of not greater than 5 m/S2
  • Components and assemblies: 10 Hz–500 Hz and acceleration of not greater than 10 m/S2
Elevation up to 2500 m
Contaminants Dust particle size larger than 0.5 uis with fewer than 18,000 particles/L


Cabinet Protection Class NEMA 1 (IP30)
Cabinet Dimensions 800 x 600 x 2000 mm (31.5 x 23.62 x 78.75 in)
Capacity 28 modules per enclosure
Mounting DIN Rail, or screw-mounted
Module Mounting Dimensions 175 x 127 x 154 mm (6.89 x 5 x 6.06 in)


Redundant 100 MB Ethernet with IEEE1588, twisted pair or fiber optic, up to 2 kilometers

Power Requirements

Power Supply Voltage Range 90-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz or 110/220 VDC
Redundancy 1:1 redundancy optional
Power Consumption and Heat Dissipation
I/O Type Power Consumption (W) Heat Dissipation (W)
AI mAV 17.65 4.47
AI RTDTC 6.45 2.5
AO 9.65 3.06
DI 16 channel (24 V) 3.57 3.57
DO relay (220 VAC) 11.25 11.25

Codes and Standards

Safety IEC61508, UL508
Communications IONET EGD
EMC IEC61000-4-2     IEC61000-4-5    IEC61000-4-9
IEC61000-4-3     IEC61000-4-6    IEC61000-4-10
IEC61000-4-4     IEC61000-4-8    IEC61000-4-12

Analog Input

A/D Converter One per point
Channels 16
Resolution 24-bit
Current and Voltage 0-20 mA, 0-5 V/1-5 V/±5 V/±10 V,
0.1% accuracy over full operating temperature range.
Thermocouple 0.2% accuracy over full operating temperature range.
TC Type Range Voltage mV Range °C
T -5.603 to 17.818 -200 to 350
J -7.890 to 69.553 -200 to 1200
E -8.825 to 76.373 -200 to 1000
K -5.891 to 52.410 -200 to 1300
N -3.990 to 47.513 -200 to 1300
B 0.787 to 11.263 400 to 1600
R 0 to 18.884 0 to 1600
S 0 to 17.947 0 to 1700
RTD Pt100/Cu50, 0.2% accuracy over full operating temp.
range (2- or 3-wire)
Isolation Point, 500 VAC between any two channels, and between input and ground

Analog Output

D/A Converter One per point
Channels 8
Resolution 12 bit
Signal 0-20 mA, 0-10 V, 0.2% accuracy over full operating temp. range.
Isolation Point, 500 VAC between any two channels, and between output and ground

Digital Input

Channels 16
Signal 24 V, positive/negative (sink/source) logic, 1 ms SOE
Isolation Group, 1000 VAC between groups, 500 VAC between input and field grounds

Digital Output 

Channels 16
Signal AC Relay
Rating 250 VAC/10 A
Isolation Point, 5000 VAC between contact and coil
Type relay
Configuration 1 NO
Response Time Trip Time: 15 ms
Release Time (AC): 10 ms
Release Time (DC): 5 ms
Contact Material Silver – chrome oxide
Contact Life Mechanical: 20,000,000 operations @ no load
Electric: 100,000 operations @ rated resistive load
Replacement Pluggable, Sealed


Type 24-pin (dual row) and 16-pin (single row) connectors
Wire Gauge 2.5 mm2, two-wire
Isolation Voltage 2.21 kV
Density 5.08 mm between pins
Length 24-pin: 62.8 mm (2.47 in), 16-pin: 83.1 mm (3.27 in)



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