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Check what is going on at any time.

Control all data on-line and in real time be able to call it up decoded from our secured internet server (Cloud). Even data measured a few days or weeks before. And to be able to count on immediate notification anytime per SMS should anything go wrong.

The GO Systemelektronik solutions are that reliable. If you talking about measuring, analysing and monitoring of sewage, process and drinking water or soil rehabilitation we are your partner. Our solutions have been in use worldwide in shipping, aquaculture, medicine, in the food industry and other branches for over 20 years.




Converts as your Please !  Universally deployable transducer with extensive features 

BlueBox article

Up to every task !  The BlueBox is an ideal measuring and controlling system. it is the intelligent connection between sensors and actuator

MultiParameterSystems article

Recognized what comes !   The multiparameter System is a modular measuring system for continuous monitoring

BlueMon Online Analyser article

The automatic laboratory!  BlueMon is a fully automatic multi-channel real-time analysis system.

BlueBox Software for Windows article

BlueBox Systemsoftware

A Uniform Software Solution for the following systems

BlueGate article

The internet service BlueGate allows you anywhere on any device equipped with a web browser to monitor your measuring data.


Sensitively and accurately !

GO Systemelektronik offers a multiplicity of own sensors for connection to the BlueBox system. Besides these, it goes without saying that sensors and actors from other manufacturers can also be connected

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