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There's a better way to work together

SMART visual collaboration solutions bring together five key components of successful visual collaboration to transform the way you do business – and it's only available from SMART. By adopting SMART solutions as part of their workflow, our customers increase innovation, boost productivity, make more informed decisions and significantly reduce costs.

Intuitive interactive displaysarticle

By combining an ultra-short-throw projector with a SMART Board interactive whiteboard, the 800 series gives you the tools for effective collaboration – multiuser support with finger and pen navigation, digital ink and the ability to save your work – in one easy-to-use system. Flexibility and universal appeal make these PC-based systems a great choice for virtually any environment – from the shop floor to the executive boardroom.

Interactive flat panelsarticle

SMART Board 8000 series interactive flat panels combine the collaborative capabilities of SMART Board interactive whiteboards with the brilliant visuals of flat-panel displays. With an elegant design, these PC-based flat panels offer the richest visual experience for interacting with digital content. They are the ideal complement to any area designed to make an impression – whether it's an executive boardroom or customer showcase space.

Podium interactive pen displayarticle

The SMART Podium interactive pen display enables you to interact with content and write in SMART Ink using a tethered pen. It's ideal for home offices or spaces where re-projection on a large screen is required, such as presentation halls or auditoriums.

Board interactive overlayarticle

The SMART Board interactive overlay can enhance the way your teams work together by turning your existing flat-panel display into an interactive, touch-enabled collaboration tool. Use the pen or your finger to interact with any digital material and write notes over documents in digital ink. 



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