Our intention… is to keep the quality of the product the same and has not changed in the slightest What we should always do Company expertise is to manage sales of oil, gas and water for major industries. Equipment can be supplied as individual parts. or individually packaged modules as well as being part of a tested Bespoke system. and fully certify the process

Categories : products

packaging unit:

  • Well head units
  • Multiphase separation units
  • Pressure reducing & control units
  • Bio-tech special units
  • Pumping & Gas dehygrading units
  • Gas/Oil separation plants (GOSP)
  • Chemical injection units
  • and more…Burner feeding units and BMS
  • Completed gas turbine fuel (oil & gas) treatment and
  • forwarding systems
  • Gas & liquid measuring units
  • Auxillary units for compressing stations
  • Loading & unloading liquid units
  • Glycool regenerating units
  • Recovery and treatment units for well head gas and energy
  • production plants
  • Launching & receiving system
  • Burner feeding units and BMS


qualified manufacturer and famous Certified for therapeutic products and pretreatment of gas, oil and water:

  • Slug catchers
  • Three-phase separators
  • Cartridge filters (water)
  • Duplex, simplex basket filter for water treatment
  • Direct and indirect gas & liquid heaters
  • quick opening devices threaded & jaws type
  • Flame arrestors
  • Accessories for measuring lines
  • Well head separators
  • Corrugated plate interceptors (oil/water)
  • Gas treating columns
  • Launching and receiving traps for pigs and spheres
  • Pig stops, Pig handling devices


Our company can provide all of the following engineering services.:

  • Expanding and assistance on site for erection commissioning and start-up
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technical and economic estimates for project development, from process to testing the auxiliary facilities at site
    After sales services
  • Basic enquiry engineering
  • Process unit optimization studies for both on and offshore oil and gas installation

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