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Rosemount 400 Contacting Conductivity Sensor
Accurately measure electrical conductivity It can be used in a wide range of applications from ultrapure water to clean coolant. therefore suitable for use with clean liquids and non-corrosive in quantities less than 20,000 µS / cm.

Rosemount 3300HT and 3300HTVP PERpH-X High Performance pH and ORP Sensors
These rebuildable sensors perform well in temperature. and high pressure processes It also resists coating fouling. and poisoning Sensor replacement frequency is reduced and the pH/ORP response time is faster and lowers drift.

Rosemount 1056 Intelligent Four-Wire Transmitter
This multiparameter instrument offers a wide range of measurement options. including oxygen coupled conductivity and many more combinations that support most applications. Therefore, it is easier to set the changeover by using a signal board that will come into the measurement process.

Rosemount 5081 Explosion-proof Transmitter
This is a single channel cyclic powered device that can accept inputs from pH/ORP sensors, conductivity (tactile and toroidal sensors), and amperometric. (dissolved oxygen, chlorine and ozone sensor)


Gas Analysis

From C6+ natural gas measurements to combustion and applications in complex processing and monitor emissions for regulatory compliance. Rosemount analysts by Emerson's integrated systems can solve the industry's toughest gas analysis problems. and various applications

Rosemount Combustion Analyzer, which improves combustion efficiency.

The 6888 In Situ Oxygen allows for the most efficient measurement of residual oxygen in flue gases from combustion processes obtained by maintaining optimal levels of process waste oxygen and producing NOX, CO and CO2. lowest

Continuous Gas Analyzers
Accuracy analysis of multiple components in process applications up to very low ppm.

Continuously measure several components of the gas stream.

If the process requires continuous single component analysis Measuring multiple components Component simultaneously or monitor emission levels to ensure compliance with Rosemount Continuous Gas Analysis regulations by dropping the Weight of Gas Continuous Gas Analysis process to a low level. to be our duty

Detects and analyzes gas molecules at close range and mid-infrared instantly with precision and repeatability.

Technology (Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) Technology)

QCL Technology is based on a principle known as Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS), which measures the concentration of organisms in a mixed gas using a tuned diode laser. and the laser absorption spectrum Compared to other instrumentation techniques such as Paramagnetic Detector (PMD) and Chemi-luminescence TDLAS It is capable of high-precision multi-element detection with a wide dynamic range meeting low maintenance requirements. and long life cycle Using a laser as a spectroscopy light source, high resolution spectroscopy (HRS) is achieved with QCLs providing access to the mid-infrared (MIR) portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

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