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Copes-Vulcan is a long-established manufacturer of state-of-the-art valve solutions for dealing with liquids, vapors and gases. Our products continue to be the informed choice for companies across the globe that are involved in the power generation, oil & gas, petrochemical, industrial processing and nuclear energy sectors for severe and critical service applications.

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Control Valves

  • General service applications
  • Severe duty applications
  • High turndown
  • Size 0.75″ – 24″
  • 150-4500 ANSI Ratings
  • Special ANSI & API Ratings
  • Meets ASTM/ASME Standards
  • Butt/Socket Weld, Flanged & Hub Connections


  • 7 Styles
  • Mechanical Atomizing
  • Variable Orifice
  • High turn downs
  • 150 – 2500 ANSI Ratings
  • Special ANSI & API Ratings
  • Integral cooling water function available
  • Meets ASTM/ASME Standards


Turbine Bypass Valves

Pressure Reducing Desuperheating Valve (PRDS)

  • High quality cast body
  • Smooth body contours to reduce stress concentration
  • Fully guided plug reduces wear
  • Trim is fully accessible through the bonnet for ease of
  • maintenance
  • Solid valve stem eliminates thermal stress experienced in
  • hollow stem designs
  • Unique water mixing provides superior control and eliminates
  • piping thermal liners.


DSCV-SA Turbine Bypass Valve

  • HP to Cold Reheat (or Condenser) / Hot Reheat to Condenser / LP to Condenser
  • Repeatable class V tight shutoff
  • High pressure balanced
  • Full plug guiding with anti-rotation
  • Steam atomisation of the cooling water
    Low coolant pressure required
  • High water capacity for large cooling duties
  • High turndown ration for both steam and water
  • Noise attenuating trim options
  • Fast acting pneumatic or hydraulic actuation
  • Extremely flexible
  • Flanged or butt weld connections
  • ANSI 150-4500, standard, intermediate and split classes
  • Minimum straight line lengths required
  • Low maintenance with “Quick-Change” trim design. No special tools


  • Diaphragm Style Model 700
  • Diaphragm Style Model 1000
  • Manual Style 820
  • Electric available
  • Electro/Hydraulic available
  • Piston
  • Reverse acting
  • Direct acting
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