Build an environment that is

more energy-efficient,

more sustainable

and more pleasing



ROKAE Robotics

After years of updating and improving, ROKAE industrial robots have become faster and more reliable, with more functions integrated into a compact size, making applications easier, production more stable, and smart manufacturing more efficient.


  • Efficient production
    Flexible integration
    Stable operation
    Worry-free operation



Powerful but easy-to-use software to simulate the behavior of your plant, to test new configurations and to get the optimal solution.

ProSim offers process simulation software and services that allow industries to improve their operating efficiencies, reduce their carbon footprint,
become more energy efficient and make the best use of available resources.


Forging a built environment that is more energy efficient, more intelligent, more sustainable and more pleasing to live and work in.

Energy Monitoring
Energy Saving
Smart Buildings
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